About the Authenticity Experiment

kate-bwKate Carroll de Gutes started the Authenticity Experiment as a 30 day Facebook challenge in the summer of 2015 because she was pondering how we use the social media to post our good news (“I have a new book!”), our fun times (“I’m riding in Cycle Oregon!”), our amusing insights (“Look at this picture I snapped of a sign at the DMV riddled with grammatical errors!”), and cute cat videos (Because who doesn’t like cat videos).

Kate realized we don’t really talk about the dark on social media (and we ostracize those who do). And a culture that consistently ignores its dark winds up like…well, like us, where we are hap, hap, HAPPY all the time and we get our dark out by watching reality TV or violent movies and snarking on grammar signs at the DMV (not that good grammar isn’t important).

Then, one of Kate’s friends asked how her community felt when they logged on to Facebook and saw nothing but “Hail, fellow, well met!” And Kate thought, yes, if social media truly is to replace our back fence like her friend and mentor, Judith Kitchen, said, then we must start being more honest. Life is nothing but duality, both/and, light/dark, good/bad.

These posts really resonated with people and so what started as 30 day challenge became a weekly practice.  And now it’s becoming a book, too.  The posts you’ll find in the archives and the ones between now and October 2016 will be collected and organized by theme and published by Two Sylvias Press.

But you get to read them first right here.  Go ahead.  Be authentic.  You know you want to.

You can also read all the posts, starting from July, 2015 on Kate’s personal website.