Month: March 2017

The Authenticity Experiment, the what is wrong with the world edition.  I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to hit the first bespoke-suited 50-something white man I see.  And I’ve been crying and ranting consistently, ever since I read that the Trump administration wants to cut funding to Meals on Wheels.  The paltry $3 million that the organization receives each year to feed 2.4 million senior citizens. I know that $3 million sounds like a lot of money relative to our salaries and mortgages.  But do you know how little money that is in the grand scheme of…

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The Authenticity Experiment: the coal shovel edition. A giant United Moving van took my mother’s furniture, clothes, dishes, and memorabilia to Portland.  Part of the load was destined for California for my sisters too.  Still, we barely filled a third of the truck, but because the bid was based on estimated weight, we weren’t allowed to add anything extra to the manifest.  And by we, I mean me.  My mom was sitting on the dove grey leather couch in her family room alternating between catatonic and Napoleonic, sleeping in a delirium of denial that this day had finally come or…

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