Month: July 2017

The Authenticity Experiment, the Whistling Man Edition.  For the record, I didn’t tell him he was making me insane.  As in bat shit crazy.  That his relatively tuneless whistling was impeding my work, affecting my friendships, pulling at the edges of my already frayed knot.  I just said, “Hey, I’m Kate.  I’m a writer who lives down the block.  Will you talk to me about your whistling?” He set down his pipe full of pot—after I shook my head when he offered it to me—and asked right away if I liked the whistling.  I lied a little.  “Well, I certainly…

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The Authenticity Experiment, the make America great again edition?  That’s right, a question mark.  Because I wonder what America we’re trying to make great again.  Is it the America where the trains still ran and coal provided good jobs for people? Is it the America where one generation could succeed, economically-speaking, better than the one before? (Because, really, that one typically only happened for white people.) Is it the America that’s been sold to us by Madison Avenue? The one where the sun shines, coffee is always plentiful (and cheap), jobs pay well, and amber waves of grain move us…

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